My opinion on 10 bans

This is my opinion on the 10 bans you don´t haft to agree but I just wanted to put out my two cents on it. Unlike the top two post on this subject I think the way they introduce it is relay well thought out. It requires each player on both teams to think about whats important to them in a ban whether its a counter to your pick or a champ that is strong and you don´t want on the other team. But with this you haft to plan on what you think the other team will ban and if you don´t you might only get 7 bans in that game witch I think is a great way to implement strategy into the bans. On the other hand with these new 10 bans some people I know (like my little brother) barley own the 16 champs now and will not be able to play draft pick now witch i think is kind of sad, but all in all, I think this is one of the best way to implment the bans.

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