A lot of the devs stated intentions have been missed its bewildering.

The original intention, stated by Riot, to reworking a lot of champs was to do away with things that were considered too frustrating to play against, the principal complaint being that many were too binary. You reworked Akali, Irelia, and Fiora, and ended up creating something infinitely more infuriating to play against than their previous iterations, by a margin so wide it's baffling. Your stated intention on Kai'sa was a 'RISKY ADC PICK' akin to Vayne. So risky, she's been fine to first pick since release and was pick/ban in LCS for most of the year. Very risky indeed. And how can anyone forget? You made Zoe. This game has no strategic element to it. Since runes reforged there is no 'composition'. There's no 'poke' or 'hard engage' comps. It's been almost 2 years since the concept of someone 'peeling' for their team has been mentioned in pro play. Chess has turned into checkers. It's just trading broken picks in nearly every lane. That's not entertaining from a viewer perspective in any way. The inability of the newer devs, now that a lot of the old guard has moved on, to recognize how much they have failed in intentions that are GOOD, but executed horribly... I mean what can this be chalked up to if not just a lack of actual talent at the job?
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