Energized Effect does not synergize well with each other

The damgae from shard should stack with other energized items. Otherwise this makes the energized build feel bad to build Stormrazor increases the effectiveness of other energized items by roughly 30%. Does not say exactly what increases. Rapid Firecannon charges faster but stormrazor does not make it charge even faster so Riot decided “Just called it 30% more effective and let them figure out what exactly it does” You can stack crits, lethality and many other stats so why not make energized effects fully synergize with each other? Make the damage adjustments so we can stack it and not feel bad about stacking it. For instance make all energized items deal 60 magic damage on hit but you can now stack that damage and feel good about it. Shiv applies all enenrgized damage to all units {{item:3087}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} 60 shiv + 60 Stormrazor + 60 rapidfire cannon = 180 damage to all affected units. Basically energized builds. If critical strikes is too much just make it crit for 50% damage instead of 100% damage or maybe should not crit at all so i's not so overwhelming since stormrazor now increases the total energized damage. You build infinity edge for Critical Striks and Stormrazor for energized effects Rapid Firecannon should gain more speed from Stormrazor (15 x 1.3 = 19.5 stacks per auto). Stormrazor increase the effectiveness by 30% and Rapid Firecannon increases it by 25% so basically you gain total of 55% faster recharge time A minor question- Why Rapid Firecannon but not Rapidfire Cannon? So overall you are giving way too much restriction to energized builds and all the cool ideas we get from them are going nowhere, thrown away
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