Suggesting changes for Azir - balance him without destroying his identity

I'm a former azir main, and still play him occasionally (without much success). He is the champion I had most fun with, but I admit his kit is unhealthy. The probleme about reworking him, is to make his kit healthy without destroying his playstyle/ identity. **I suggest the following:** * R: Emperor's divide New effect: Curse of the Desert: Azir cannot cast Emperor's divide, if he has taken damage from enemy champions in the last 1.5 seconds (edited) CD: ~~140/120/100~~ --> 120/95/70 * E: Shifting Sands New effect: While casting shifting sands and 0.5 seconds after, "Curse of the Desert" is disabled * W: Revert the neckbreaking damage nerfs from patch 6.14 **My thoughts:** The probleme about azir's kit is that it has no weakness, when played perfectly. That's why he was so popular in competitive play. The newly added effect "Curse of the Desert" serverly restricts his options to use the ultimate defensively and makes him vulnerable to assassins and bruisers. At the same time, the Shurima Shuffle, which is the core combo in his kit and his tool to make highlight plays, is not destroyed. He still has his dash to escape from sticky situations, but it needs time to be set up (spawn a soldier behind you, and having your q ready) and can be counterplayed by flashing between azir and his soldier. Azir's skill floor will be raised by another level (getting used to the new effects of the ultimate), but azir players love getting invested into difficult mechanics in the first place, so that shouldn't be too much of a probleme. I kindly ask for feedback from all azir-players {{champion:268}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:268}}
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