Nerf Conq MORE

I'm glad to see that Conqueror is getting nerfed >Ranged healing lowered from 15% to 8% Stack duration Lowered from 8s to 6s And very glad that ranged champions are taking a larger hit But I honestly think ranged users should get hit harder still. Lower stack duration for ranged champions to 4s, .. or even 2s This is an ALL-IN keystone! You shouldn't be able to poke enemies at range to keep your stats up until you're ready to finally go all in. I'm more understanding of melee users because in most cases, if they're close enough to basic attack, they're also close enough to be basic attacked. Maintaining stacks as a melee champion requires lane control / dominance. You really can't just stick your head out of a bush and poke your lane opponent every 6 seconds just to refresh your stacks.
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