I feel useless as a Mage when the enemy team comp has more than one tank

Lets say this is the enemy team comp: {{champion:18}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:121}} (this is a pretty standard comp) Lets say im playing one of these mages: {{champion:99}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:7}} Now lets see, what are my options? Well, {{champion:121}} {{champion:80}} can just buy hexdrinker+black cleaver and then they basically cant die to me, and theyre too mobile for me to catch in the first place (plus if i go near them ill get oneshot) And {{champion:18}} {{champion:117}} will just hide under {{item:3190}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3504}} so i have 0 kill potential on them also And lets not pretend that mages even have an effect on {{champion:3}} So now what am i supposed to do? Buy support items and be a secondary support? I just feel like mages have no kill potential in this current meta. Give AP some love, riot.
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