Lets give swain some love.

I love swain but feels weak asf. Espicially against ahri I always get a leads against ahri's yet she still as powerful as me just because of her E. She still deletes anyone on my team even when far behind. Why does she get free damage, yet win swain you hit his E you still have to worry about minions blocking Q, they can still get out of W with any dash or enough movement speed. What I am saying is with swain you still need to use the godamn brain cells even after you hit the CC. Meanwhile ahri hits E and you basically die.Fed or not fed Q goes thru minions, E auto locks, R autolocks. I am not saying swain needs a damage buff to E like ahri i'm just swaying it's not fun losing to a garbage Ahri player who hits an E once in a blue moon and one shots the adc, or important person on the team. Because hitting her E gives her a damage buff and free skilshots. I think swain just needs something that makes him feel more rewarding. I win and win lanes against ahri but in the end she still feels more useful.
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