New effect for max syndra Q.....why not explosions?

Jokey title aside, those of us who like to wander surrender at 20 or such sites may remember that certain Riot employees discussed ways to make Syndra's transcendent q more engaging. I believe the last iteration mentioned, though don't quote me on it, was a mana return on q use which by the admission of some wasn't really a good idea at the moment. I believe the answer to this conundrum might be right under our noses if we look at Syndra's theme. She exudes two major themes, unstable power waiting to be released, and someone who dominates with said power. Her dark spheres personify this. Via gameplay, they are direct indicators of her zoning potential. Artistically just by looking at them, especially when they fizzle out, you get a sense of instability like an atom about to split. And what just happens to occur when an atom splits? KABOOM. To be clear I'm suggesting that along with/instead of the current Transcendent damage boost when summoning spheres, these detonate once they time out, either just causing a flat amount of damage or also causing some form of CC. This would be a good change for two reasons: 1. Once maxed Q would redefine syndras zoning. "Even with my other options used up your still not safe near my spheres." Heck using her ult in the middle of a team fight would literally create a veritable mine filed (sorry teemo). Which brings us to the next point. 2. It fits her theme so well. Syndra the dark sovereign, whatever her power touches is claimed and those who step on her lands foolishly pay the price. So yeah. Why not explosions? Post note: Personally, considering she already has two other CC's, I'd forgo cc for a medium (but painful when stacked) amount of damage. And before the op comments roll in: It takes a bit of time for the balls to destabilize AND there is a visual indicator (which can be intensified if necessary) of said destabilization. So remember kids, if you get blown up by a Syndra q smack dab in an open field without being stunned or slowed ya'll got no one to blame but yourselves. Additionally I'm including an alternate kit idea by Wyvernon in the comments below. It was too awesome not to include: > "What you're discussing sounds to me more like something that would be better fit as the maxed out passive for W. > > _i.e. You max-level W to lob an sphere into the midst of the enemy team. On impact, the orb appears especially volatile as it decays, and detonates on expiration. As nearby foes disperse to avoid the impending free damage, It reinforces Syndra's control motif as she watches her "playthings" run. The threat creates panic which enables her team's other skillshots to land more easily._ > > Mechanically, this is similar to Cass's ability to zone enemies from an area with her poison cloud, while also retaining an outrageous amount of burst damage. I only bring this up because when rebalancing a unit you usually look for comparative units with same but different play patterns. Cass is sustained burst with sustained zoning damage and Syndra is instant burst (Q / W shenanigans->E->R) with instantaneous zoning damage. I'd feel comfortable with the change since they would both still feel unique. > > From a balance standpoint, making the detonation only trigger when W is used isolates the effect such that it doesn't alter the core behavior of landing Qs on one or more enemies and setting up an array of Qs for your E / R. My ideal Syndra would be one that is still powerful and bursty, but has some control over the nature of her power growth through her passive." Ok one more alternate kit brought by Nebuul down in the comments. Quite possibly the most engaging idea since it covers her Q W and E! > “What about an alternate where her transcendent bonus was based on the order in which she maxed her non-ultimate abilities. I'll say Q1/Q2/Q3 meaning Q maxed first, second, or third. > > Q1: 15% Damage to champions, Dark Spheres explode for 15% additional damage when they expire > Q2: 15% Damage to champions > Q3: 8% Damage to champions > > W1: Slow duration increased to 3 seconds, Area of effect is doubled, units at the epicenter (original area) are slowed by 90% decaying to 45% over 1.5 seconds > W2: Slow duration increased to 3 seconds > W3: Slow duration increased to 2 seconds > > E1: Area increased by 75%, Units hit by both the wave and a dark sphere are stunned for 2 seconds and take 50% increased damage > E2: Area increased by 75% > E3: Area increased by 50%” Allright folks think that's all I can put before exceeding TL;DR critical mass but keep hashing out ideas in the comments below! I'm sure that section can handle Syndra's potential....theoretically. (screen cracks) *Gulp*
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