An important message from everyone who understands balance mains to Katarina mains

As the title suggests, this post is a response to the currently posted Katarina post, specifically the part about having no cast time for Shunpo: Adding an instantaneous blink to an ability with a 14 second cool down (decreasing with levels and with CDR) ability is a horrible idea, it's basically putting flash on an ability (not mentioning Zoe's wonderful pickup). Shunpo has a range of 725 units, while flash has a range of 400 units. There is a reason why flash has a 300 second (5 minutes) cooldown. The excuse of "but it requires a target unit to use" is not a valid point for why Shunpo is able to be without a cast time. tldr; Flash has a 300 second cooldown (5 minutes) with a cast range of 400 units. Able to be used whenever. Shunpo has a 14 -> 8 seconds cooldown based on level (excluding cooldowns) with a cast range of 725 units. Only usable vs **target unit**, Jarvan IV's Demacian Standard, Thresh's Dark Passage, and jungle plants. Those who support this idea to make Shunpo an instantaneous blink are driven by pure favoritism towards their champion. Edit: I would deeply appreciate anyone who disagrees to leave an explanation as to why they disagree, as just downvoting and leaving just shows bias, making this discussion useless.
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