What is going on in bronze?

Actually, I should rephrase the title: What the actual fuck is going on in bronze? I'll begin by saying that I thank god I've never had the experience of playing in low bronze after seeing what it's like in there. I was asked to help a friend climb, who has lost all 12 of his first ranked games ever. The last 3 were with me. He mains support and I'm astonished by what's going on. He tells me things like "his adc goes ham and dies"- which to be fair is understandable, we've all seen low bronze gameplay of people dying to tower for no good reason. And the second part is all lanes start to feed. I honestly placed my faith in statistics to dispell the "elo hell" implication, but I checked his games and he dies very infrequently during laning. Most of his deaths, if at all are in the lategame phase where all his lanes have already begun to feed. So I expected to be able to salvage his games and carry as ADC. Although my performance wasn't actually as great for reasons which are irrelevant. See what I had in mind was "I'll ADC and we'll have a fed-enough ADC in order to blow people up in teamfights" However... bot lane wasn't as easy as I expected- which is fine, but the first thing I know, top lane dies. Then midlane... then our jungler comes over to ~~gank~~ 2v1 the enemy botlane and proceeds to feed them (more than once). Then all lanes+Jungle start feeding...... The teamfight doesn't even happen. It's just us being pushed in for the rest of the game. Now you might say that I could have been able to try and do better to boost the team- however I realized that there's literally nothing I can do if the score is 14-2 13 minutes in. This happens again the next two games... And during these two games, there's one brand on my team who spontaneously yells at me 25 minutes into the losing game (probably after he decided to check his team's builds) "WTF ARE YOU DOING ASHE GET BORK" Which is...... not... built on her..... At least not in 6.9......... Which is what I tell him and he flames "Yeah well you don't build to win in 6.9 either" Or something like that. And in some other game the enemy thresh rages at me for poking fun at a bad fizz ult, which I commented on as a joke. And I bring these two examples up because (I know people supposedly flame at all elos), but I've been finishing up my placements..... And I've generally just been seeing the very quiet but serious teamplay-oriented mindset. I've seen not a single flamer, and sometimes people are just quiet, want to focus, and just say "just cs and play safe". People are pretty calm about losing games and also about winning them. In one other game my TF+Kennen botlane duo decide that "-We lost? -Yup" and afk for the rest of the game, regardless if the game was actually lost. I think there was one other afk in a separate game as well..... Now sure, we all know that people afk, leave and flame across all elos, but what the hell is this bronze... stuff? I believe that once you're past a certain skill level in league, you know how to capitalize on success and close a game, and also how to play safe when you're behind. But in Bronze? No... It's not even possible to carry... I understand that elo hell isn't "real", however it should literally, not be possible to lose 12 straight ranked games in a row without winning a single one. After seeing what low bronze looks like, I don't think these elos are divided right. Something is seriously wrong in the low bronzes, such as BIV and BV. People are literally not learning how to play the game there. I seriously think that something is really screwed up. You can't just toss the worst players of the game into what is basically two levels. If you're bad, you just aren't going to learn anything in there. If you play a game and your mid feeds 0/100 or if your botlane afk's from 00:00, this doesn't help you learn how to play league of legends... This is not a working system to just toss the worst players there. I think I can understand how people rage in these games. If you're stuck in there, unless you have friends in real life who are good, there's no way for you to get out. You learn nothing. Nothing that's going on there helps you learn how to play the game better, whether you're low or high elo. Seriously, int bots don't even feed as hard as B IV-V players do. If you're an actual Bronze IV player, playing with other people in that elo will not help you to improve at the game. You're going to stay in low bronze getting frustrated with feed mains and suicidal junglers, and occasionally play with plat smurfs, making their rankup harder than it needs to be. I personally can't vouch for any solution, but I have two things to say.... Thank god I don't have to go through what my friend is going through, and for god's sake, something about this elo system is really, really messed up. I think riot cannot pretend this is a small issue and "shove it under the rug" and ignore it. From what I can tell this is a part in the game which naturally causes negativity and is an extremely problematic area. Edit: I'm noting that some people are misreading, or at least taking some leads too far to assume that I'm suggesting I'm having difficulty in Bronze myself- I can see that some of my phrases may suggest that, but I'd just like to assert that I'm doing fine myself. I may have used some problematic phrasing earlier. But yes, perhaps I should elaborate. I was sick and trying to carry my friend out of league at 3 AM for some reason and I took the game too casually. However, I want to maintain that my three games I played with him- were un-carryable regardless. I may have just chosen a bad role. My friend, as my support was deservedly of some high bronze/SilverV, and I wasn't awake enough to figure that I shouldn't play ADC as I normally do, implying that my friend as a support is inexperienced. Ie, sitting far back and spamming heal (not the full job of a support) My games were more or less unwinnable not because I didn't perform properly, but like I say in this thread, I realized that there are incredible numbers of AFKers, people who don't understand the concept of not feeding and people who play the game on different levels of seriousness. I maintain that there's absolutely nothing wrong with people who don't play the game 24/7, people who aren't good at the game, and people who play it very casually, but we can all agree that the divide between people who play the game very on-and-off, or will rage or AFK at first blood is by no means divided well enough through the bronze IV cutoff- as I have recently realized. So to recapitulate, in the low bronze elos, these ranked games do not teach people how to play the game, and it does not help those who want to improve, to improve.
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