Here's the problem(s) with Bronze players.

I've been playing League of Legends for a vast 7 years now, and over the course of this expense amount of time, I've witnessed all mistakes that Bronze players have in common. No, this is not a hate thread, think of it more as a, positive reinforcement to try help some players out. **Issue 1: They never listen to advice given to them.** Not to be a biased asshole, but this seems to be the biggest problem. It seems that 80% of bronze players aren't willing to take a fellow teammates advice, which, could ironically be the difference between winning and losing a game. 2 minds are better than one. **Issue 2: They always sway away from recommended builds way to far. **No, i'm not stating that building away from the recommended page is a bad idea, but you shouldn't go redemption on {{champion:6}} for example. I see this way too frequent, not the {{champion:6}}, but people trying out builds that aren't quite "good". **Issue 3: They over extend, A LOT.** I feel like this is a map awareness issue. Bronze players have the mindset, to my understanding and personal experience at least, that they think that their team is right beside them when they go in. A good tip, is to look at your mini-map once every 10-15 seconds. Once you get used to this, do it every 5 seconds. It'll become muscle memory and will cause you to die twice as less. **Issue 4: They constantly make the same mistakes over and over again.** Think of this as the definition of insanity. You see your Gnar top lane go up with no towers, and starts pushing up the wave and dying over and over again. He doesn't seem to think about what he's doing. This could also trying to 1v1 the fed enemy Vayne over and over again, when all you do is die to her 1 on 1. Doesn't seem logical to try it again, does it? Get a teammate to help you shut her down instead. **Issue 5: They focus on kills, instead of objectives.** I feel like I'm playing Team Deathmatch in Call of Duty when playing in low elo games. The game isn't set on kills. Yes, they help tremendously, but the game is centered around a very specific set of things, those being towers, map awareness, teamwork, communication, Dragons/baron, and obviously the Nexus itself. All of these things I've listened make winning the game a hell of a lot easier. **Issue 6: They over extend, and/or over chase.**I believe this might be the biggest problem in lower elo. People chase a {{champion:17}} because he's low, but little do they know, his teammates are sitting in a bush waiting to kill them. This is why map control is important, doesn't mean you should still chase, however. Also, the over extending, causes you to get ganked a lot more frequently. You can look up how to freeze lanes and push when necessary on YouTube, i'm sure. Another thing, being over staying. Don't take more than you can chew, grab the turret/baron/dragon while you got it, then take your leave. No need to be greedy. **Issue 7: Their cs is normally around 80 at 20 minutes, if not less. ** Csing is a really important aspect in League of Legends. If your lane is ahead of you by 3 kills to your 0, but they have 50 cs to your 150, you're technically ahead of her, gold wise. Also, if you're against an awful matchup, then just focus on cs as well, no point in getting yourself killed for no reason. **Issue 8: They play champions that are too difficult for their skill level.**Champions like {{champion:119}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:64}} for example. (This is a totally BIASED opinion.) Stick to something simple, which has a lot of damage, and is easy to master, like {{champion:11}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:90}} for example. No need to make things harder on yourself by trying out "OP" champions. **Issue 9: They don't pay enough attention to the mini-map.** I stated this point previously, try to look at your mini-map every 10-15 seconds, then once that becomes a habit, try to look at it every 5 seconds, if not less. Knowing where the enemy team is INCREDIBLY important, I cannot even fathom how important this is. **Issue 10: They play to many games when their on a losing streak.** If you're tilted from a few bad games, take a break, watch TV, or go outside. I personally go outside, and skate for an hour, come back, and I feel like a whole new person. If you're at a 3 loss streak, stop. There's no point, you're mindset is just going be negative going into the game, unless, you're just inhuman. **Issue 11: They don't think before they act.** This can lead into various scenarios, one being that you're at 150 HP, and you really want to flash and kill the enemy {{champion:51}} , but they end up healing anyways, and in return, get yourself killed. Knowing when enemies summoner spells are down is pretty important to keep note on. You can always look on Google, the timers for each summoner spell. Just using that as an example, for there are hundreds. **Issue 12: They don't itemize according to enemy team compositions.** You shouldn't pick {{champion:33}} on a full AP enemy team composition, for example. Doesn't make much sense. Another point, is to check who is doing well on their team as well. If there's a 0/16 {{champion:103}} with 1 item, compared to a 11/0 {{champion:51}} , you would obviously build against what {{champion:51}} is building, instead of building Magic Resist against the {{champion:103}}. There are a few other points I could go on about, but those are the most frequent of the bunch. Please be sure to comment down below if you have any questions/concerns about a point I've stated out.
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