Champion base armor needs to change.

League of Legends Base Stats, Part 2
The five buckets: Ranged, Light: 25-76 armor, 30-40.2 magic resist Ranged, Med: 25-84.5 armor, 30-47 magic resist Melee, Light: 30-89.5 armor, 30-51.25 magic resist Melee, Med: 35-99.6 armor, 30-55.5 magic resist Melee, Heavy: 40-116.5 armor, 30-64 magic resist Maximum Lethality is 74. Maximum Magic Penetration is 39
This is inspired by Phreak's recent YouTube video, which I overwhelmingly agree with. Base stats - particularly resistances - are a crutch for many champions and yet it isn't inherently obvious just how tanky those champions are without taking the time to look at their otherwise fairly irrelevant base stats, health pool aside. Furthermore, armor in general is largely ineffective as a purchase, making most good players skip buying it outright if they aren't specifically playing as a tank or against an AD assassin in a solo lane as a squishy, the only item being an exception to this is {{item:3026}} which arguably only one class of champion cares for. There are three very big differences between physical and magic damage (aside the obvious): 1.) physical damage cannot be meaningfully itemized against whereas magic damage can be 2.) physical damage is repeatable through fast and/or resetting autoattacks whereas magic damage is largely utilized by abilities with cooldowns 3.) physical damage items offer larger amounts of flat pen than magic items thanks to Lethality, as well as more scaling thanks to Crit These three things work together to make attempting to play around physical damage so trivial that no one bothers anymore (in most cases). The armor stat simply isn't impactful in items, and aside for the squishiest solo laners against unfavorable matchups it is never the reason people buy items with armor on them in the first place. One overtuned armor item for carries in GA does not excuse the otherwise complete lack of counterplay to physical damage. **Champion armor needs to change in order for the game to be healthy again.** Suggestion: The reason players don't like armor right now is because it isn't impactful enough - how about all champions lose some amount of base armor and armor/lvl so that buying more of the stat is more impactful, and everyone gains a buff that gives % physical champion damage resistance and scales throughout the game to compensate? This would keep physical dps in check but it certainly wouldn't slow down lategame AD carries in the slightest - 90% of a billion is still virtually a billion, right? Some tweaking to armor values on items would need to be done for armor to be fair, however, namely {{item:1031}}. There's a big difference between having 40 and 80 of a resistance; Chain Vest only offering 35 armor for 700g instead of 40 for 800 should make it less abusable by champions that would otherwise have barely any armor early on, while making the stat more easily accessible for champions that need and intend on buying armor items frequently. Turrets and minion damage to champions would need tweaking as well, so that champions wouldn't get 2-shot by towers early on or lose lane purely to minion aggro in a world where everyone loses a large chunk of base armor.

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