Am I the only one who feels like Draven's early lane phase is too strong?

I feel like nobody hits harder than draven. I feel like nobody out-trades draven. Laning phase against draven consists of trying to find a way to sustain through his insane damage, hoping to GOD he doesn't have a support that can hard-cc you, and probably dying anyway. Most Dravens at my elo suck. They play passively, and they're so obsessed with catching their axes that they don't do much else. They get outscaled, they get outdamaged, and they're basically irrelevant. But a Draven that plays aggressively? Constantly poking you off of CS, charging at you with his speed boost and just hitting you with an endless barrage of axes as your health bar evaporates EVERY TIME YOU TRY TO CS...? One of the most oppressive things in bottom lane tbh. If we're speaking PURELY during laning phase. Many other ADCs outclass him when it comes to mid and late game, but as far as early lane goes... this guy is just terrible to play against if he's even the least bit aggressive. I'll kick back and enjoy the fact that silver-gold Draven's play passively... but I know the more I climb, the more axes I'll be catching to the back of my skull when I play ADC - and I am not looking forward to those days.
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