Just another complaint about matchmaking that I really hope is addressed in the preseason.

This morning I had a match where, during champ select, I noticed that our JG and ADC were duo when they picked each other's champs and traded without saying anything. In the loading screen I saw they were Silver 1 / Silver 2, and thought "oh cool we have a smurf duo, this should be an easy game!" since as far as I'm aware this is supposed to be Gold 2 Elo. Well I was wrong. They were not smurfing, and the enemy ADC was Plat IV. To make things worse the Vi left Garen open (I was first picking Kat and HAVE to ban Kassadin in that situation, no exceptions) in favor of banning Ahri (???) and they both basically ran it down bot into a Plat Kog'maw... the fact that I completely destroyed TF in the early game didn't matter, because Vi's duo buddy was feeding and he had to go play hero, so they would try to dive bot, TF would ult down and get a couple kills (which I just can't follow, I'm playing Kat here, I pinged like crazy though), and eventually I had no lead anymore, Warwick was getting tanky, and Garen was Garen. Needless to say we lost, HARD. So yeah. Matchmaking sucks. It doesn't wait NEARLY long enough to ensure a fair match. You know what the difference in skill is between Silver 1 and Gold 2? Silver 1 is the top 53% of players. Gold 2 is the top 26% of players. The difference in rank between the Sivir and the Kog'maw? #11,394,406 vs 4,843,315 on the same role. Are you joking? This is a joke right? That's 6.5 MILLION ladder spots difference. That's like putting a couple high school football players in a college match and counting it against the team's record. How is that good matchmaking in any universe?
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