Yasuo gets a free pass for his mistakes every few seconds...

A lot of people on the boards want Yasuo to be nerfed, but I think they want him nerfed for all the wrong reasons. They get dumpstered by him, or see his high damage and his windwall and cry "UNFAIR." To make it clear, I have almost never been dumpstered by a Yasuo. I mostly play bruisers and tanks, who have easier times with Yasuo than squishier champions. I don't find his damage oppressive at all, and I don't care about his windwall. With that said, I think he still needs a nerf. I think the nerf he needs is to his bullshit shield. No, not his windwall or his damage, his shield. Here we have one of, if not the most mobile champion in all of League of Legends. He has one of the most overloaded skillsets in the entire game. Thanks to his passive armor penetration, passive double crit chance, and extremely low cooldowns, he also has some of the highest damage output in the entire game. And he has a skill that essentially negates hundreds of other skills by virtue of them being projectiles. That's fine. It takes a relatively higher amount of skill to use him than other champions, I'm completely alright with that trade off. What I'm not fine with is how YOU CAN'T PUNISH HIS MISTAKES as much because he has that damn shield. Any other champion could walk right into a skill shot or auto-attack and get his health bar chunked. But not Yasuo, oh no. He gets to walk around as if nothing happened and three seconds later, he's completely dandy again because his shield is back up. At level 18, Yasuo's shield gives him 510 extra health every few seconds completely free. On someone with Yasuo's damage and mobility, how the fuck is it fair that he gets to be tanky as well? Nerf his goddamn shield, Riot.
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