Tencent caught fabricating loot box odds. Now trying to cover it up.

CoD Mobile players discover real odds for the Halloween lucky draw | Dot Esports
Some Call of Duty: Mobile players have complained about Activision's lack of transparency in regards to the game's monetization. This led to data miners trying to find out the odds of getting certain items from CoD Mobile's loot system.
Hey, for those of you that have not been following the latest Tencent controversy. Head over to the CallofDutyMobile reddit. After months of sketchy loot box/events players started to data mine the game only to discover the listed loot %'s ingame were false. The worst offender was a Lucky Spin event that advertised an item as 40% when in reality it was less then 0.01%. They intentionally mislead players so they'd spin every spin hoping to get it. Googleplay and Apple have been giving out refunds already, its hit a few news sites and even AngryJoe did a video on it. Now the updated faqs page proves every crate previously had fabricated odds. Do you honestly want them involved in League of Legends mobile launch? This is not the first game they've been shady in...

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