Ashe Kit Update

##GOALS: * Move cc out of ashe's passive to let her have power in other areas * Make the ashe player decide how and when to slow the enemy * Keep Ashe simple but add room for skill expression ____ **Passive: Frost's Bite** Ashe's basic attacks deal extra damage to enemies she has slowed. _~I don't like the hidden power, but this will do for now_ ____ **Q: Ranger's Focus** * Passsive: Every third basic attack gives Ashe a charge of focus. She may store up to 3 charges. * Active: Ashe expends a charge of focus and her next basic attack or W becomes empowered. Empowered basic attacks become a flurry of arrows that deals extra damage and slow the target. Empowered attacks don't grant charges of focus. _~Ashe's ability to kite now depends on her ability to spend her focus stacks well._ ___ **W: Volley** Ashe fires several arrows in a cone, dealing damage to and slowing the first enemy hit by each arrow. Volleys empowered by ranger's focus have more arrows, increasing the length and width of the volley. _~The regular volley would likely be smaller than the current version, but both would do more damage_ ___ **E: Hawkshot** Ashe sends a hawk spirit to larget location, granting vision as it travels for 2 seconds and then in large radius for 5 seconds when it reaches its destination. If there is an enemy champion at its destination it will fly back to ashe and grants her a charge of ranger's focus and go on a reduced cool down. _~Gives an in combat use for hawkshot_ ___ **R: Enchanted Crystal Arrow** Same as current. _~I considered having it grant a charge of focus on hit, but she may have enough for now._
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