I would like to see these Kindred changes. They would make life much easier for us Kind mains

When you are already taking marked camp please extend the Mark duration. There is nothing worse than counterjungling, taking marked camp only for the Mark to disappear because it was too long on the same monster. Let us mark enemies in combat. It's long enought that I have to wait 8s before the Mark is set. If I have to be out of combat too it's too much. Or if you don't want that at least decrease passive cooldown with level. It's ridiculous that I have to wait that long between marks in late game too. If there is no viable monster for a current mark rank, please mark something from lower tier. For example I had 6+ marks last game. Both drake and baron were down. I had nothing marked in enemy jungle for few minutes This one I don't know if it's needed, maybe it's just my frustration after playing so many games versus Yasuo, but can you maybe code Wold as a minion without hitbox? So my final E can't be windwalled? He's supposed to be the second half of my champion after all. You know, 2 champions in one? Treat him like a champion then, not a projectile. You just strenghten opinion that Kindred is Lamb with a pet
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