I haven't played Pyke in a LONG time.

But something I just realized, in the heat of a normals game, is that his Q is no longer multi-target. Why? It's completely removed his ability to play in the jungle at ALL. Which is where I took him. It's silly, it's not like he was just dealing so much ungodly damage to every target beyond the first. They coulda just nerfed the damage it did if it hit more than one target, even to the main target, or nerfed it altogether and then gave it a buff if it hit a single target. His clear times are less than abysmal now. I even apologized to my teammates and all I get is flame and 'hurr durr can't read patch notes'. I took a long break from this game to get away from people like this. Yeah, I missed quite a few patch notes. I'm definitely never gonna play Pyke in the jungle ever again, which is a shame because I loved playing him in the jungle when he first came out. Riot, if you're listening, can we please make his Q multitarget again and just implement the changes I offered? I want to play drowned boy in the river where he belongs! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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