If you could make 3 changes to improve the "game". what would they be?and why?

(a repost since downvote bot hit it down last week.) this post is about sharing game improvement opinions/ideas rather then debating them. please share your ideas as i would very much like to hear what other peoples ideas are. for me i would make these 3 changes. **1. lower or outright remove gold/exp/power from early objectives..(FB,drag,rift,towerplates..ect) i mean by like a lot for at least for the 1st 10-15 min of the game.** _the reason for this is because i believe this would fix a lot of the things people are complaining about... less important early objectives means jungle dont need to be gutted directly.top might feel more relevant as well.... games dont have to rely around bot lane as much.. less snowballing..early champs can fall off. late/mid game champs might get an opportunity to come online.ect.. having objectives only matter later on may make the game more about team fights in the later stages rather then the stomp lane and rotate in 1st 10-15 we have now._ **2. revert the runes system back to the old. and just readjust, change, add numbers and stuff to make the old ones a bit more interesting** _as soon as they added the new ones i saw they would have many issues in balancing. as anytime you you change one rune it will effect MANY champs at the same time which creates more work.. as many champs could get to weak or strong from direct runes changes. and if you change a champ that is to strong/weak with certain runes it may break the champ balance with the other runes. either way its a balancing nightmare..._ _the other problem is the runes favor/reward damage and aggressive playing and riot seems to not want them to do much of other things.. which is also a large reason the game is like it is now._ **3.refund skins and champ BE for reworked champs...or ~~stop with the disaster/gut reworks ~~at least let me trade them in for something else** _its not to cool to buy a skin for a champ you like only to have it removed from the game later.i mean what if i dont like the rework then i am stuck with skins i paid for that i dont ever use again..._ What 3 changes would you guys make to improve the game?
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