Sona Ability Rework Ideas

Hello fellow summoners! I understand that {{champion:37}} is one of our beloved support champions that we all know as a **poke and heal style of bard**. I've mained Sona since season 2, and I was hoping to help throw out some ideas to riot for the inevitable rework for this champion. **I want to push Sona towards a much more "supportive mindset" **, without removing too much of her poke and run playstyle for the players who enjoy that. __________________________________________________ **Sona Right Now** - **Very reliant on AP Heavy builds** for success - **Difficult to make an impact when behind **(beyond a well placed crescendo) - **Very assassin-like** with the hit and run playstyle (with a lot of AP) - Power Chord Staccato is probably the best use of the passive for most of the game. - "Cheerleader" builds are not necessarily impactful ___________________________________________________ **Sona's Identity and Direction** - Whereas {{champion:16}} is known as the premiere healer in league of legends, {{champion:37}} should be the premiere "buffer" champion of league. **Every ability** (save crescendo obviously) **should empower or aid allies**. - Each **power chord should have some sort of effect that help Sona's team mates**. - **Building AP should strengthen her ability to empower her allies**, rather than transforming Sona into an assassin. - Lack of Crowd Control. Aside from her ultimate, Sona does not have any sort of hard CC. I think this is something that is unique for her as a "buffer" support over a "debilitation support" ({{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} ) ___________________________________________________ MINI REWORK IDEA We'll keep the snuggle zones as they are, but we'll be making them a lot more impactful in this iteration. **(Innate) Power Chord **Damage ~~13-192~~ -> 14-184 ( 4 + 10 per level) We will be **removing Staccato's bonus 40% damage to power chord.** The scaling changes are to help normalize power chord' damage in the early-mid, mid-game. ____________________________________________________ **(Q) Hymn of Valor ** **Active Bolt Damage** ~~40/80/120/160/200 ~~-> 40/70/100/130/160 **Active Bolt Ability Power Ratio** ~~50%~~ -> 30% **Aura Bonus Damage** ~~20/30/40/50/60~~ -> 30/45/60/75/90 **Aura Ability Power Ratio** ~~20%~~ -> 40% **Power Chord Staccato** ~~40% Bonus Damage to Power Chord~~ -> **Staccato inflicts vulnerability up, increasing the damage the target takes by 20% (+2% AP) for 3 seconds.** **NEW!** **Hymn of Valor's Bonus Damage Aura can be applied through single target spells.** (Using the same criteria for {{item:3116}} ) REASONING: We're basically **moving power away from the active component and moving it to the aura**. Avid players of assassin Sona will still be able to do a large amount of damage, if they are willing to commit to the auto attack range. However, **using the safer range of the active component alone will be a noticeably weaker poke.** ** I think it is fair to apply the aura damage to single target spells in a similar manner as the {{item:3303}} line of items, because there are some champions that have spells as their "auto attack" (ex. {{champion:69}} {{champion:13}} ).** **Power chord Staccato will be a lot less selfish**, and it's primary goal is to help Sona's team mates kill the target. _______________________________________________________ **(W) Aria of Perseverance** **Active Healing** ~~30/50/70/90/110~~ -> 40/60/80/100/120 **Aura Ability Power Ratio** ~~20%~~ -> 40% REASONING: With a much weaker reliable poke, there's room to help the other parts of Sona's kit. The **healing of her W is abysmal at lower ranks in relation to it's mana cost**, so we can help boost her base healing by a little bit. Again, the aura is going to become the central part of the kit if she decides to build some AP hence the increased ability power ratio. _________________________________________________________ **(E) Song of Celerity** **Active Self Movement Speed Buff** ~~13%/14%/15%/16%/17%~~ -> 12%/15%/18%/21%/24% **Allied Aura Movement Speed Buff** ~~10%/11%/12%/13%/14%~~ -> The same as Sona's own buff Durations and tagging self buff duration extensions stay the same! REASONING: **1% increase per rank is ridiculous**. How did that even get through? Again, we're increasing the power of Sona's buffs. ________________________________________________________ **tl:dr/Summary** - Sona's reliable poke is reduced in exchange for more powerful buffs. However, she can still deal a significant amount of damage if she auto attacks. - Building AP heavily scales towards the power of the auras rather than Sona's personal damage. - Power Chord Staccato increases the damage the target takes from all sources for 3 seconds - Each power chord have their own unique uses: increase ally damage, decrease enemy damage, slow enemy - Building cheerleader is more viable with the increased power of the buffs and less selfish abilities. - Song of Celerity actually scales with rank
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