Is that it for Rumble?

I'll try to make this one really quick since there isn't really much to say what wasn't said already: New PBE patch just rolled out and seeing how quickly this cycle lost its pace (from Irelia rework, new skins and a few balance changes to some champs and runes to pretty much just Ahri stuff) I'm getting somewhat curious/concerned whether or not are Rumble's balance changes going to recieve a follow up, or maybe there's different set of changes in testing that we might see? Either way, while I appreciate the new direction taken with Rumble (focusing more on the power of his early game rather than emphasizing him as an ult bot is great), the changes that hit PBE on 3/21 don't feel like they're enough to really put Rumble back into a meaningful place. It's a good start but on its own it might not be enough to really carry him back to a more reasonable place. So now all I'm asking for is a response to this question, are the changes so far all that we can expect for Rumble? Or is there more coming up in the following days?
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