I want season 5 style and structure of play to be returned.

I don't like this season (so far). It's all filled with which champions can get the lead in the first 5 minutes and take over the game. The snowball potential is way too strong and there isn't anything called late game. **Season 5 here is what you did right:** Cinderhulk: Yes it was way too strong, but highly nerfed, but it brought in new champions into the jungle and made team fighting a more _**effective**_ component of league. Wards: These bloody things existed. VISION is key to league of legends, not having much vision to ponder with gives all the champions that are strong now an easier time Tanks were ruled in a ton: A tanks role offers CC, protects priority champions, and effectively tries to absorb as much damage as possible. In this season, they are ruled out over mobility _**again**_ **Season 6 so far:** WAY too much snowballing: I mean this is incredible. Which ever team gets the first blood, that dictates the win. Especially if the top laner gets ahead, he can solo Rift Herald and free push to end the game. This bring game times SUBSTANTIALLY low. Also having no vision makes the game pace faster and faster. When was the last time you ended a game in season 6 where majority of your team (60%>) were level 18? Late game is not possible: Team comps designed for late game, or teams wanting to bounce back with scaling is nearly impossible. Devourer in the jungle, constant lane pushing is way too high. Many strong champions are AD who push towers very easily: This is self explanatory TL;DR - Season 5 was a great season. The central theme was DIVERSITY, and you brought a lot of it. I want it returned because tons of champions and team compositions were possible. Season 6 seems more like FAST & FURIOUS. Who can bring out the champion to quickly snowball and end the game?
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