The Fall of League of Legends

League of Legend is going to decline; it has failed so many people. League of Legend is NO longer fun. Hi, I have been an avid player of league of legends, maintaining diamond solo ranked in NA for the last three seasons. And now it is time that I stop playing the game. The reason is simple. The changes that were made to the game totally destroyed the gaming experience. Riot says that they are now listening to the players more and more, but the result is devastating. The games are simply not fun. Game = Fun. There is absolutely no reason to play the game if it is not fun. And that's exactly what League of Legend has become. It has failed so many people's expectation and it is losing loyal league of legend player like me. I will give you some examples how League of Legends used to be FUN. Mostly, it is because of the old champian designs which now riot has total revamped and destroyed. I loved playing the old Katarina and Leblanc. I found so much athletic thrills in playing the old Ryze that allowed me to play combos really fast. I loved playing Garen with my runes and mastery and create the unique play style that cannot be achieved with the narrow minded simple rune system which destroyed game diversity. I used to love playing vayne before she became crippled recently. I loved playing Jinxs before she becamed crippled some time ago. How much fun would it be if vayne and jinxs were both strong. Ryze is strong as it was too. Kat and LB are also strong like before. Games would be sooooo fun. Riot totally destroyed this. And there is no reason to play League of Legend anymore. It is a dead game where players play bored without fun or thrills. League of Legend is dead. So sad to admit this to the current state of the game. This is why the people you hire in a company is so important. The game has become ruined destroyed by the whoever has been pushing it to change what used to be a game with a lot of fun and excitements. I can pretty confident that no one who are loyal players like me can say out loud that the game has evolved and now it is better than ever. NO ONE CAN. It is pathetic how the changes did not make the game better but worse. Riot should be ashamed of themselves.
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