Nexus Blitz event AI

I love the new gm and the events in it. The only thing I'm wondering is for events where you have to kill a mob (devil Teemo), it provides a huge unfair advantage when the AI causes it to go behind enemy lines. Within the last match, Teemo spawned and no one could get to it until he was between our t2 and inhibitor. This was a huge advantage for us but not for other team, and it's not first time this has happened. Just feels really unfair. Could it be possible to have him roam around the jungle instead? Would make it more interesting, especially for the buff that he usually provides (other team's minion health is reduced to 1). Edit: Could we just have events be in the jungle and not biased towards one team. I've had 4 matches in a row where (I kid you not) 3/4 of the events that came up were on the other team's side. The kicker? 3 of those matches, the other team was already ahead of us in terms of farm and pushing.
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