ryze is still kind of unbalance

mid laners tend to be squishy and my problem with ryze is his ability to abuse that to the point where the oponent is forced to back off,missing cs and falling behind. his e lasts too long on a target and the cooldown is too short giving him the ability to have a target CONSTANTLY marked and having a point and click snare that lasts TWICE AS LONG when marked with ANOTHER point and click spell with basically a non existent cooldown that lowers mr and amplifies the damage on his q which is easy to land due to his snare. his lower cooldowns allow him to chase down opponents who might try to retaliate but suffer from much longer cooldowns. his ult isnt the greatest atm because its extremely situational and in all my games hes been in, his team FLEES from his ult cause theres a higher chance of it putting him in a shitty situation than actually being useful. basically when ryze has even a slightest advantage over an enemy its becomes rather one sided as fast as lvl 3. longer cooldowns at lower levels would help him actually think about when and how to use his spells instead of mindlessly charging at the enemy and chunking them down until they are forced to back.

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