If Riot is going to ban all supports who roam to support instead of babysitting the adc...

Then why hasn't {{champion:432}} been removed from the game? If being a roaming support, and maybe counterjungling to support your jg and screw theirs is poor communication, then why don't you remove bard from the game? His whole mechanic is to leave some health pots bot lane and then roam most of the game. Would they ban a smite bard support for roaming? I doubt it, because riot designed him to be a roaming support who rarely, if at all goes to bot lane other than to check up and leave some pots. If players use other champions like Nunu and Singed to effectively do the same thing as Bard does then how is it different? Why would they get banned without a removal announcement for Bard when he's almost as off meta a roaming support as they are, and plays to a similar set strategy and fantasy? It's Riot games, not MontethePython's games, so i respect how they want to run their company and i'll continue playing so long as i enjoy it, but atleast give us clarification of how your system works, because you claim not to punish for off-meta picks, and yet you seem to only mean you won't ban for certain off-meta picks. "Poor communication" is not an excuse for banning someone who's communicating fine but playing an off meta pick successfully. I see a lot more Meta picks who never type all game, Hell, most players rarely type to communicate game strategy or explain themselves anyway. Why are these generic silent Viktor mids not banned for Poor communication while a pick rioters don't like who communicates in game is? Seems like the banning for playing off meta system is mostly based of the rioter's bias who handles the report. Instead of operating off blind bias please let us know what is acceptable and outline some guidelines for what off meta picks and roles you find acceptable and unacceptable, because it's obvious that previous statements saying Riot does not punish or discourage off meta roles and picks is no longer true. Also, WookieCookie said: "I will be working with the team to clarify an escalation process that emphasizes clearer feedback and opens the door for ban reductions if we believe that someone can make changes to their play style allowing them to continue crushing the meta but not at the expense of their teammates." Well isn't any off meta choice going to have it's own pros and cons? Either way if you play any off meta pick it will be somehow at a certain expense to your teamates, as well as a certain advantage to your teammates. Only banning certain off meta playstyles' but not others because they have different downsides seems biased and hypocritical. Why is the MF support who takes some farm and builds Frost Queen's claim not banned while the nunu smite support who roams and counterjungles is? It simply doesn't seem fair for someone to get punished for something there are no guidelines on. Tldr: Why does Bard get a pass for leaving his adc alone all game while others get banned for it. Why are only certain roaming supports ok? Atleast give us some guidlines Riot
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