Nerf Ahri? What?

Can anyone explain to me why I'm hearing ranting about Ahri needing nerfs lately? This seems to be an unpopular opinion at the moment, but I believe she's perfectly balanced as she is. She basically needs to land her charm to do anything really to anyone pre-6. The charm is fairly skinny in width and length anyhow. You have to really screw up your positioning to be hit by that thing, imo, or the Ahri player has to go out of their way to surprise the enemy by flashing over minions and hitting a charm or something. Believe me — it's harder than it looks. Even after 6, the Ahri player still needs to land skillshots, otherwise she won't be able to do decent damage to anyone. Are you a mid-laner, and you can't dodge a skillshot to save your life? There's this summoner spell called Cleanse that removes all cc/debuffs — excluding suppression. It helps. You're welcome. There's also the Barrier option that grants you a good sized shield in case Cleanse doesn't sound like your cup of tea. Otherwise, if you got hit by that charm at level 3 (by an Ahri that took ignite, of course, but that's a common thing for Ahri players to take) and took a bit of poke prior, you probably deserve to die. She is an assassin, after all, that requires more than just facetanking people to delete. Yes, I am looking at you, LeBlanc (pre-nerf). She didn't even have to land her chains to kill back then... Anyways, Ahri requires good awareness of positioning of everyone (herself, allies, enemies), when to use her charm, etc., otherwise she's harmless and easy to kill because of her short range. So, what if she burns all 3 charges of her ultimate to get away. She's pretty much rendered useless at levels 6 and up without her ultimate, unless she has flash, of course. I don't get it. Ziggs was in LCS suddenly? Oh, better nerf him. Miss Fortune? Yep. Azir? That poor champion. Suddenly, if anyone plays something new or off-meta in LCS, people are always going to say they need nerfs. I'll bet you if Urgot were ever played in LCS, people would complain how he's OP, and he'd be twice as dead as he is now.
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