Good job Riot! We asked, you answered. You gave us...DIVERSITY!

Think about it, {{summoner:4}}/{{summoner:12}} isn't the be-all-end-all choice for toplane anymore. You can take {{summoner:4}}, {{summoner:11}}, {{summoner:14}}, {{summoner:12}} , or {{summoner:6}}! Riot has achieved their goal, there are more champions being played in the LCS than there ever were; we're seeing {{champion:6}} (Mid/ADC), {{champion:110}} (MID), {{champion:69}} (top), {{champion:102}} (top), {{champion:24}} , {{champion:101}} , and {{champion:60}}! Smite doesn't just have to be taken by Junglers, THAT was a lack of diversity. We complained in 5.4 that there was no variety, that {{champion:254}}, {{champion:59}}, {{champion:64}}, and {{champion:421}} were the only worthwhile picks in the Jungle. Now that Riot has kept those champions viable WHILE opening up possibilities NEVER explored before, are we really going to complain? We got what we wanted, so please don't let Riot lose all hope in its fanbase. Learn to be grateful for what you wished for, because it's here. League has finally become what I've wanted for so long, a game where almost any pick is viable. I can play Skarner and not get flamed, Amumu and not be irrelevant, and Rek'Sai to be a tank OR assassin/fighter. Riot, if you're reading this, you did right by me. Don't let the complainers influence you. Those who truly enjoy the game will commend you on your successes and suggest how to fix any shortcomings. May Season 5 be known as the time that Riot, the LCS, and loyal fans finally created a thing called Diversity. **_BRAVO!_**
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