The Sylas Changes

Sylas, he has become so bad since the changes made in the last few patches. I had gotten into him about a month before the "mini-rework". It was fun to play him and I was doing well. Then they reworked him. Yes a rework. You tell me when they change every single ability in a few patches not a rework. I call bs. The made his ability to take minions non existent. They nerfed his q damage and scaling. Changed his w to be more aggressive. His e lost half of its power. Ult left untouched for the most part. The passive and the e where the most huge changes. It all just feel wrong and I feel like the changes made just made him horrible and threw him off his play style. I keep on doing really poor with him and it make me so frustrated when I cant seem to get him to work the way i want to. His ability to use his passive to clear is just complete garbage. May as well get rid of it being able to do damage to minions all together. I have lost so many minions and spent so much time just trying to clear the back mage wave with my passive. I'm level 13 3 items and still have to burn my whole kit and still not be able to kill them. What bs is this. Hes a duelist. So whats the point of him having a aoe auto attacking ability when hes only facing one enemy. It would be to kill minions then. Nope. He cant even kill mage minions with a full combo and 3 items. Sylas has seemed to change in some way where he feels different. Timings and playstlye. I understand that with the "rework" hes going to change, but when I play him, I'm not getting the same feel I had before the nerfing to 41% winrate. Shouldn't go back and start over when you f*** up. Instead he was changed even more till his play style completely changed. The path I'm seeing for sylas is the same one that happened to aurelion sol. Came out good, became broken, fell off the face of the earth, never played again.
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