At this point, I genuinely feel the Balance Team should be the next major Rework.

Seriously. Who's even directing & paying you people? I'm sorry to be an ass, but this is **seriously** getting ridiculous. Who in their right mind actually finds League as a whole "fun and engaging" right now? What happened to the people that wanted to avoid becoming DOTA, avoid absurd damage? What happened to the team that spouted on and on about how significant it was that a primary focus of balance & gameplay was to ensure it was **fun and engaging**? #**Do you people seriously enjoy your own game right now??** In fact, I'll make this easy; which of the following encourages **FUN AND ENGAGING** gameplay for allies as well as opposition? - Substantial map-wide influence via Jungler role following 2nd-3rd camp clear [Lasts entire Laning Phase, very few fall off from doing this] - Gold-farming Keystone with RNG consumables - Majority of Marksmen requiring underpriced items to perform well - AD Assassins relying on an overloaded & underpriced item to function - Supports, the class known for 'empowering allies' bringing forth the strength of Solo-Lane Tanks/Carries - Outer Towers falling from a single early push with Solo Laner + Jungler (possible at Level 5-7; sometimes Level 4) - Effectively free mini-Zhonyas at 6 minutes; discouraging the fast-paced, kill-centric gameplay you've promoted since Season 6 I'd wager **REAL** money that you're leaning on quite a few variables (namely Duskblade, undertuned Zeal items, underpriced/overpowered Support items when synergizing with Runes) to avoid the struggles of balancing those hinging on the successful performance of these variables. **I've seen what the Balance Team is capable of in my time with LoL**, and I'd frankly like to know what the hell happened to them; because the lack of effort coming from you all goes *wayyyy* over my head. **If you don't like how I'm expressing my frustration, I'm not sorry, because I genuinely think you should all be ashamed of not trying harder to balance around the factors that you've known for years creates fun and engaging gameplay -- rather than attempt an entirely different direction (arguably for the sake of shorter LCS games / higher number of LCS games in a shorter time frame).** #You've tried it. And it's not working out. People aren't happy, and we just want the game to feel enjoyable for ourselves, our friends, and even our enemies on the Rift. Consider looking back on what raised you all so high up to begin with. ~~Don't delete my post, as I'm not calling for you to be fired. & This post may promote discussion.~~
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