How to rework unusable summoner spells

So, a lot of people have been complaining about certain sums being terrible, so i made this post to give ideas of they could be reworked. {{summoner:10}} Changed to- The next time you die within 5 seconds, revive after 2 seconds with 40% Health and Mana. Gain a 25% Speed boost for 3 seconds. (Functions kind of like a {{item:3026}} ) Also with a lower cooldown. {{summoner:2}} Changed to: Reveal all enemy champions and a small area around them for 5 seconds. (Reveals stealthed champions) {{summoner:13}} Changed to- Along with the mana you gain, refunds half of your other summoner spells and item active total cooldowns. {{summoner:21}} Shield scales with health. (+10% Max health is added to the shield) please upvote and enjoy!
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