I think we need a new outlet for ranked/competitive.

**All of the faults from solo queue ranked** -drastic difference in "why" people play (rewards, end of season, smurphing) -drastic differences in skill level (pug and luck, a tad bit of trolling) -the casual view of league players vs the super try-hard / semi toxic players I wanted to make this thread, because I thought back of when I never played ranked before - and how fun it was with my friends. There's literally no benefit or gain from ranked, other than something teams MIGHT use to recruit other players. **Tournaments the classic way...** [Faker solo queue rant](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAjSvi4b4Wg&t=203s) Honestly it's kind of dumb seeing the same teams over and over, I wish teams all had to compete in their respective ladders, and then are granted access (for placing higher in the ladder). But there really is no game mode for that. It's hard to set up tournaments, especially placements for tournies with so many teams out there. Why not just completely remove solo queue, and bring back ranked 5's so people stop goofing around in these modes? **Ranked 5's benefits over solo queue** -drastic difference in "why" people play has no effect on which teams are fighting which team, its more points to climb either way. -drastic differences in skill level are a bonus for newer teams. honestly I wish I could play against better players every single day - because that's how players in RTS games got good. You don't gain anything from destroying the enemy team in solo queue.. they just had 1 random troll. -the casual view of league players vs the super try-hard / semi toxic players I really wish league brought back the meaning of "GL HF" **At the end of the day** Solo queue brings out the worst in us AND It doesn't bring back more players So why do we have this mode that so many people are centered on playing - when there is absolutely nothing to gain from it? **So what do we do?** Push for the removal of solo queue ranked (replaced by flex) Bring back ranked 5v5's with an option for teams to reset their ranks as they please. (This let's players, friends and tryhard competitive players get what they want - be it end of season rewards or an outlet for high skill level matches)

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