Original Wc3 game tactics pre-2014

Why is it we MUST abide by this strategy other players impose, where we have to have what the community (of people who barely know anything about the AOS genre) approves of the champions dominate any other old school gaming strategies? I have won plenty of times with a physical attacking Mage, very other strange strategies. I shouldn't be getting banned for doing the original 2 top, 1 mid, 2 bottom strategy. I should be able to quadro in any lane I want, yet young people yell at you and tell you you have to be a Supp if you're a Mage, or that a "jg" needs to only stay at the bottom so they won't help you... All in all, I don't think gaming should be so imperialistic, there's no reason you can't invent a brand new strategy on the fly. That's why I'm a top player in Diablo II yet I don't conform to set-in-stone structures for my characters. I dominate in the underground crypts as a bow and arrow Necromancer and no one can touch me. See my point? Thoughts anyone?
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