I think LoL is not for me.

I'd love if someone proved me wrong, but... I think LoL is not a very good game for me. Sure, there are some awesome moments when I completely crush the opponents' team. But at the same time there are moments when I feel absolutely powerless. No matter how I play, what I do or what my teammates tell me to do, I just can't do anything right. I die again, and again, and yet again. I've heard about this whole 40/40/20 theory. That you will always lose 40% of matches. always win 40% of matches, and the remaining 20% is up to you. The thing is, getting to those 20% percent is painful. I don't I want to lose my shit over those 40% of the matches which I can't win anyway. I hate this concept that basically from the start you're predetermined to lose. The worse thing? LoL is really nicely designed. But if there's no good way to avoid this tilt, I'd rather stay away.
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