Zed Revert

A month ago Zed got a buff to his early game Q and W at the expense of his R. This change was delivered as I understand because high elo zed players were complaining about how the champion simply wasn't viable (I agree with this sentiment). Currently Zed's winrate in NA silver, gold and plat is under 50%. Diamond+ Zed's winrate is 52%, pretty reasonable. Currently he is slated for a partial revert, to just his Q and W, without reverting his R AD reap. Unless there is some grand plan for Zed changes later this just puts Zed into his previously unviable state. Currently he stands on top of the high elo mid ladder, and to some that seems like he was buffed into S tier. In reality the reason he is suddenly "The Best Mid" is because Zed mains have been playing him regardless of his viability and had to make him work even while he was unplayable in diamond+. Now that we have a playable champion, we can fight enemies on near even footing (20 second trade tool into mostly ~6 sec ranged spam poke from mages) with good damage when you poke without hitting minions. A lot of the frustration comes from players not knowing how to play around him, and I think that shouldn't be held against him. Personally I don't have issues fighting Zed. I know his weaknesses and strengths. But for others who only play one role that don't interact with Zed throughout lane (ADC's/Supports) they see Zed as "OP" because he can kill them when they make mistakes early, or lategame when Zed has created a gold lead, that most players can't see or acknowledge. I wouldn't be opposed to Zed changes, but as he stands he is merely viable. His strengths are more than compensated by his weaknesses and gaping counterplay. I would like to ask that we get something in his kit to keep him viable, even if it isn't raw damage. The high elo Zed community is more than full of ideas. We have asked to interact on Zed balance in fair ways (not just "buff this champion riot! >:( ). As a long time Zed main I hope this gets some reach without a lot of players crying about me saying anything good about Zed.
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