Why do supports control like 60% of the warding? / Support

**Warding** {{item:3340}} To be honest it makes no sense. Like I get there is a meta, but its honestly kinda lame losing a game cause your support has a ward score of 1. So is this report worthy probably not but its literally like the reason you lose. So if a sup has a sweeper 3-4 wards and 2 control wards they can get about 5 ward maybe score every 5 mins (just an estimate), and that's if there actually placing a ward, and a player with a sweeper can only sweep every 3 mins so about 3 wards if they get lucky which is 3 ward score, and a player with a ward can get a person to walk by it maybe 1-3 times again if lucky and if it doesn't get cleared. I just don't understand why there isn't more ward options for the other players. Like when ward smite was a thing it was cool. So whats with the sup with the only wards. Also I know someone is gonna say control wards, but lets be realistic no one actually you's them in reality. This is honestly a prime example of how pro play ruins the game mechanic of vision. So how would you fix it, probably by giving more ward options (another warding spot) so you can have a sweeper and a ward or a far sight and a ward, and maybe a control ward option that's on like 1 every 5 mins stacking at 1, cause honestly why make every player buy something when you can just give it to them Another cool idea for ward options would be a true vision like shot gun effect that gives vision just in that small area for quick outplays. **Support** support sucks. Like I enjoy playing support, but when you get a laner that is so poor its just annoying. I play with new players and its not bad since I know them but playing with randoms is oof just bad. To fix this I think there needs to be some kind of support/adc duo ranked system in place. cause even if sup is good its just poor if your the adc not doing the best and the sup just leaves you cause you suck or are so far behind. So I think the fix for this is to implement a sup duo rank so sup players can find adcs to play with or this is kinda crazy just remove sup from the rank que and make it duo bot. obviously this is kinda unrealistic, but if there was some way to pair people up by placing good sups with decent adcs or placing higher elo sups with bad adcs. Again kinda crazy, and just an idea I think it would be cool to see a beta sup and adc duo que so you can get paired with and adc and maybe talk and plan the game.
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