Turret plating really needs to be removed

This mechanic makes no sense and only serves to be an additional 'fuck you' to the losing team, as it's a free source of gold for the winning team. https://imgur.com/x7o34mX In this game, Vladimir literally did nothing but AFK push down mid lane. I had to leave three times to stop dives on bottom and top, who were feeding pretty hard, and successfully did so. Except each time I left lane, Vladimir got 320 (more than a kill) worth of free gold from the turret plating. These games are already extremely frustrating without this. This mechanic actively punishing me for even attempting to help my losing lanes is ridiculous, and in 9/10 games, the winning team is the only one that really cashes out on plating. This dumb shit honestly shouldn't have even made it beyond pre-season.
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