Master Yi with Sated + Titanic Hydra is crazy good

Pretty much, you build him to be more on-hit than crit based. Titanic Hydra does almost as much damage (with a crazy burst when you activate it) as Ravenous Hydra, but gives you an amazing amount of health to keep you alive and kicking in the middle of a teamfight. I won't get too much into how crazy everything is when you mix it with his passive + Sated Devourer, but I will show you an example build I very much enjoy (that will make you crazy strong even if you are behind in the early game). {{item:3931}} , {{item:3153}} , {{item:3111}} , {{item:3748}} , {{item:3022}} , {{item:3071}} This build will allow you to shred people in seconds/near instantly (whether they are a tank or a squishy), keep them in your auto range, give you massive sustainability/survivability in teamfights, and split pushing power that is absolutely insane. Tanky Assassin Yi. Sounds stupid? It really is. Try it before Riot nerfs Titanic Hydra.
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