The Plat Experience

Look at this picture and what do you see? I see team, holding back a player that is trying to rank up, yet that player cant do anything at all to change the outcome of this game. This whole game since patch 7.22 was introduced has been RNG on who wins. The stomp or be stomped meta. The 1 death per minute is completely normal now meta. The 3 autos from Irelia level one does 90% of your health meta. On this account, I have counted the number of times I have lost lane, which is 11 times. The total number of losses I have are 43 as I am writing this post. What in the actual hell am I supposed to do to carry games today? Seems like whenever im somewhat decently fed top with 3/0 kills, someone on the enemy team is 7/0 already. Seriously, what is the strategy behind winning today? Because I seriously have been trying everything to find it since season 8 started and have yet to find anything. The only strategy that somewhat works is to completely dominate your lane and roam, which thats not always possible to do if the enemy laner is playing extremely passive or if youre getting ganked 24/7. A few games ago, I got ganked 13 times in 16 minutes, not exaggerating either, I counted 13 times where I got ganked while my jungler ganked twice. This game is getting wack, and if season 9 changes nothing the first few months, then im truly gone from this game and am just gonna focus fully on college and work instead.
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