So...Can we talk about The Ultimate Hat?

So, when pre-season started, I thought this would be a really interesting rune to run, but currently it's being hampered by being in the slot with Manaflow Band and Nullifying Orb which already outshine it as far as necessity goes, so what was already going to be a niche pick is made even MORE niche by forcing the choice to forgo some important options. Well, none of that is really a problem, but what I do think is a problem is people taking it into game, playing with it, and I'm guessing feeling underwhelmed by it, and this is partly because I don't think people realize the added CDR on your ultimate is Multiplicative and not Additive. I'm assuming this is intentional, but people are taking this ability thinking it's going to be an additional 15% CDR on their ultimate, but then if we do the math at say max standard CDR- 60% CD * 85% CD = 51% CD (9% Additional CDR on Ultimate) Or with the Cosmic Insight Rune as well- 55% CD * 85% CD = ~47% CD (8% Additional CDR on Ultimate) ...Oh, so maxed out, over a third of what I was expecting isn't there and adds less Cooldown to one ability than Transendence adds all together + other utlity. And unless you're playing someone like {{champion:38}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:43}} or other short CD ultimate spammers, you are likely to get Transendence at level 10 before you would max out the 15% effect. So.....Is this really worth it, or can it be? You definitely don't want people running around spamming ultimates on a 70% CD (Double team-fight Lux Laser? WTF!?) So how does this become NOT an incredibly bland rune?
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