Can We please rebalance irelia on being late game carry and nerf her early game.

Rightnow, {{champion:39}} Win rate is 46.2 % on 5.5 % pick rate in plat +, it go down to 45.2 % in diamond + Then again to 46 % win rate ... The champ is clearly need nerfs But u cant nerf her because of her early game power specialy the level 2 all in if she hit her E or all in lvl 6, Thats mostly du the fact that her passive give her 15 dmg lvl 1 and 15 % attack Speed, So the champ bascly become either get kill lvl 2 or u are useless for the rest of game because ur number dont scale, She lose to {{champion:75}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:86}} ... Bascly more then half of toplane match ups ... Nerf her passive early game to 5 dmg, remove the attack speed buff intel later to the game or gutted early game and make the scaling on it insane like Jax passive, make her w dmg reduction 25 % lvl 1 go all the way to 80 % at full max So doesnt get insta 1 shoot in teamfights late game, Nerf her auto attack range to the average mele champ 125 rather then 200, her ult Shouldnt Should lose alot of her dmg early game and get buff late game, ... Just make her laning phase weak and abusable like camille and buff her scaling and now she's champ rather then cheese pick
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