@Riot @Meddler Would like some red opinions/discussion on Kha'zix

Kha'zix has been an incredibly tough bug to balance over the last few seasons. During this pre-season he was still deemed too strong and nerfed slightly on the cooldown of his W. After that, he fell off as a mediocre jungler and still a horrible laner. Now with the recent tank meta buffs, he is incredibly weak in comparison to the rest of the junglers. The cinderhulk and buffs to kha'zix took him from a mediocre/weaker jungler to one of the lowest tier junglers now. Kha'zix needs some focus shifted to what he does best, assassinating. Right now in comparison to other assassins he has too much trouble/blockage to his assassination potential. Being an avid bug lover since I started with league, here is how I feel his skills are right now: Passive- Good thematically and good damage, though I feel is a bit lackluster with the damage/slow considering it can only be used a few times per fight. Since lane Kha'zix does not exist really anymore it cannot be abused by walking into brush every time in lane. A damage increase lategame I feel would be an appropriate buff for his teamfighting/assassination potential. Q - His bread and butter, everything is fine about it except the isolation range. Yes having almost no isolation range can cause him to become overpowered quickly, but what I propose is to have the isolation range drastically reduced when he is stealthed. This would encourage more use/upgrading of his lackluster ultimate and provide more interesting gameplay for our bug assassin. This also prevents him from hopping around and cleaning up as well as he used to, now he really has to focus on his windows of opportunity rather than aimless executions. W - The skill has its uses, though I feel it is the least interesting part of his kit. A bug shooting toxic spikes at you should feel threatening, but the damage and slow are both lackluster, considering the long cooldown. The upgrade definitely is lackluster and causes him to run OOM quickly if used too much to poke. I would potentially shift the slow or damage more into an armor shred, in order to increase his assassination potential and make him more of a threat lategame. If the armor shred were to be placed on his upgrade, that would give great reason to evolve it and make it a more viable option. E - No comments, always been what makes Kha'zix so fun, evolution will always be relevant. Do not change. R- The only complaint I have on his R is the awkward delay between casts. I feel that should be reduced to make him feel slightly less clunky. Now that he has lost his % damage reduction with it I see no reason why it couldn't be reduced. Since tank Kha'zix is not a thing anymore, the 2 second delay between casts often leads to his death before he can even finish an assassination. I want to know what you all/reds/rioters think on Kha'zix right now. Like elise he has been hard to balance, but they are at least looking at Elise. Has our bug been left in the dust or hopefully will he be receiving some attention soon? TL:DR- Kha'zix is very weak in this meta and is in need of some buffs, of course not all of the buffs listed above but some changes to help his assassination potential. Compared to nidalee, why would anyone ever pick Kha as an assassination jungle right now? And his lane potential does not even really exist anymore.
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