LS Rants About How Midlane is now the Worst Lane and will become slaves to serve ADCs

Patch 9.3 Rundown - Going to lose my mind
I go off towards the middle of the video with my problem and how I'm perceiving some of the changes. The one saving grace of this patch is the ADC changes.
He starts going on about it at about 24:08 and I linked the video at that time. He essentially says that after all the brutal nerfing to ANY mid lane champ that even thinks about showing up in the meta, its gotten to the point where "no mid laners really deal any damage anymore" compared to ADC. He believes champions like orianna, karma, liss or lulu may start showing up mid just to stat check protect the crit ADC (the 1v9 damage dealer) and how the new PD has completely nullified any hope for assassins (on a personal note, if you think about BT shield + PD + overshield rune + GA how disgusting + the support shielding returning, how disgusting). He also talks about how so many champions are so incredibly bad compared to the "good" champions and how mid lane has none of them. Talks about how league always goes through this cycle of how mid and jungle start sucking and top is just top and the entire game just becomes crit ADCs and their protection from other roles. He called the ADC changes "a bomb" into the game and defines "a bomb" as something that is overtuned and doesnt get hotfixed and just thrown into the game unchecked which proceeds to "warp the meta" around it, he does state bombs are interesting. He goes on about it for like 10 mins , I suggest everyone check it out, its very eye-opening. I do find it odd that anytime a champion becomes interesting or popular in the mid lane, its instantly nerfed. But ADC mains who continue this repeating cycle of demanding buffs have normalized the game's climate/culture to expect ADCs to be running around as the most important member of the team as the "norm" where as whenever a mid lane champ becomes the most important character on the team its insta nerfed. I do agree with him on midlaners dealing no dmg anymore, why land your abilities to deal like 500-600 dmg when a vayne or something can just stand and auto attack for 800-900 Qs or 500 phys+500 true dmg hits coming at very high sustained unavoidable dps. A good example is how zed (a champion that people generally dont like to deal with and a champion that is often regarded to have really high damage) will often have his ult pop for 800-1200 dmg which is alot but when you realize draven can literally auto once with an axe and the new IE shiv BT LW conqueror etc for nearly that amount or when vayne can press Q , proc the 3 hit true dmg, and get a crit to do what like 1200 dmg? Its pretty insane. When riot initially reworked IE , they also changed up Cait's headshot and _**buffed it significantly**_ to make up for the loss of crit multi on IE , which cait's headshot had a unique interaction with. Now they have reintroduced the old IE and cait's headshot is still left as it is. The end result is seeing leblancs lose 70% of their hp if they step on a trap to late game caitlyn. Is that fair? especially when traps can be placed underneath you when you are hard cc'd by like a sej or something.
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