Make Bone Plating and Chrysalis into the same row so you can only choose one of them.

This mostly applies to top lane but almost every top laner has to go these two runes in their secondary rune line (could go them in primary rune line) since if they dont go these two runes and the enemy has those runes laning they"re at a pretty big disadvantage laning phase. The two runes aren't overpowered alone however together their early game pressure is pretty massive. If you nerf these runes they'll just be outclassed by other runes therefore I think by putting these two runes in the same row so you cant take both would encourage more rune diversity (giving you the option to go for mid game or late game rune builds). I'm not complaining or saying the two runes combined is busted, all I'm saying is it really discourages rune creativity (for top lane) and could worked on.
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