"I can't climb because I get shitty teammates!"

*Somebody checks their op.gg* *100+ games played, <50% winrate* *less than 5.5 cs/min* *KD ratio that is usually negative* *low kill participation* Hmmm, I wonder why you're not climbing! EDIT: the fact that this post is currently at 26/13 for upvotes/downvotes is hilarious to me. 34/21 the jimmies have been rustled. #This is not commenting on if ranked is fun or not. If you don't want to play ranked because you don't find it fun, then don't play ranked. It's not my job to tell you to do things that you don't find fun. But please don't come to the boards asking "why can't I climb?" when you play like shit and blame everything that goes wrong on your allies.

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