Dearest Meddler(Or Other Rioter), About Shen...

Now I'm not an expert at League of Legends, nor am I an expert at Shen given my distinct lack of playtime with him in comparison to some other, tankier, individuals. However as I have begun to play Shen I noticed something that struck me as odd, and I feel would not only bolster the amount of Shen players but also increase the diversity of said players. His Taunt affects neutral monsters. His passive and his Q, however, don't seem to share that same sort of thoughtline. Now this is what I'm thinking would create a big ripple: Make it so that his passive triggers on neutral monsters(As in it lowers the cooldown of said passive), but do so at a reduced amount(2 seconds instead of 4). Make it so that his Q, when it hits a neutral monster while traveling, boosts Shen's attack speed by half of what it would against a champion. You could even theoretically make the Q boost stack if it hits a neutral monster AND an enemy champion, making for some potentially crazy jungle plays... Now obviously you'd want to tweak the numbers...

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