Community needs to talk about Talon's over-nerf

Please read the whole thread before having presumptions on what looks to be a "Wahhh I'm crying because they nerfed my favorite champion". You'll see my thread is more constructive than that. Thanks in advance. First of all, I need to say that I agree that a 1 second silence on a high burst AD caster assassin IS toxic. It is true that it offers little to no counterplay, and people thinking the opposite are either not realistic or just dishonest. What I don't understand is why did Riot decide to remove it completely instead of nerfing it to 0.5 second? Or why not implement a "Mercy" stack system that would trigger at 5 stacks and silence an opponent champion, stacks being obtained when damaging a champion like stacks from the Black Cleaver. There are just so many more interesting options... Or why not buff another aspect of his kit to compensate? His passive could definitely need some love make it be 10% more damage from ALL Talon sources of damages? The damage scaling on his Rake could be tweaked to deal more damages at early ranks while still having the same damages at rank 5. There are tons of suggestions that could make more sense than removing a central aspect of a champion's burst. Kassadin and LeBlanc: Removing Talon's silence is removing the only thing in his kit that allowed him to fulfill his role. Remember he doesn't have hyper mobility like Kassadin and Leblanc? When they would screw up, they could leave after their burst, with insane potential of juking. When Talon screws up, he has no reliable escape; a 2.5 seconds invisibility every 55 seconds (rank 3 Ultimate) is not an reliable escape, especially since it's a heavily offensive ability. THIS is why Kassadin and LeBlanc had higly toxic silences compared to Talon; because they could get out of trouble after their burst without even fearing of retaliation. Talon isn't like them. His silence wasn't as much toxic, since he had to fully commit himself for the whole fight and put his life in serious danger considering the absence of any defensive ability in his kit. Assassin's aren't really characterized as just high burst champions, take Annie, Gragas, Brand for example. They have high burst but they are not assassins because of their lack of strategic outplay like a good Zed, LeBlanc or Fizz player for instance. Now, not only Talon never had close to these previous champion's mobility and outplay possibilities, but now the only thing that could help him fulfill his role (assassinate people) has been completely removed instead of tweaked. It IS possible to find a more interesting way to tweak Talon. It is possible to find a way to change his kit to allow counter play from the enemy without punishing him to hard for being extremely good at what his job is, deleting people. Please, rate up this thread to let Riot know that while we understand the nature of the changes on Talon, we, as Talon users and lovers, feel that a nerf or a tweak to his E would be much more pertinent than a complete removal of his silence. I'm sure you guys have ideas like the ones I shared, please let us see it here.
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