Aurelion sol rework is disgustingly horrible.

i dont how it made it to live, and the person who thought this was a good idea probably needs employment somewhere else. do you know how hard it is to line up his W with an enemy with half a brain? now try do that within 3 seconds before you get but fucked. even if you do manage to hit it a few times you still lose damage because your most likely not going to hit all of your stars, maybe a good one or two maybe if i land my Q first but wait now thats harder to do without my passive movement speed, now i have to snail crawl my way to the enemies, cant even get a good engage on a team fight with building up a Q and walking it down lane because i dont have my passive E anymore, oh and if you're about to kill an enemies with you're W NOPE fuck you, your 3 seconds is over and your stars are retracting back. this shit needs to be reverted as soon as humanly possible, hot fix it for god sakes its THAT BAD.
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