Why was Akali so hated, but Sylas is fine?

His heal is a targetted dash that's far more powerful. He also has another dash that gives him an above average strength shield. That then becomes a third dash(abduct is considered a different ability, that's 4 basic abilities btw) which stuns then knocks up a target. He has an aoe damage burst that then bursts again. That's 3 dashes in basic abilities. And then he can use literally any ult in the game. Compared to a character from a different game, The Morrigan from smite. She has a skill shot mark that increases damage dealt. She has a close range stun. She has a stealth decoy. Her ult temp gives her the character's entire kit and can target enemies _and_ allies. Yet she still isn't as frustrating to deal with, because? She's actually built with a power budget. She dies to a fucking sneeze. Some cases that is literal. Blizzard aknowledged that her ult is an insane amount of power. They took it and gave her a simplified base kit, with a bit of self peel and made her squishy to make up for it, letting the player rely on wits to trick a foe. Sylas? His ult is an insane amount of power. Riot took this, and decided, that he needed a _stronger than average base kit, with more tools than a normal champion._ On top of that, _they made him tankier than average_. And leading this back to the title, _WHY DOES NO ONE SEEM TO CARE!?_ The outcry against Akali was so fucking loud. She lost both obscurance and her healing, which was her whole shtick! Even though the healing was far less powerful and actually had a condition in that to utilize it she had to play passively and wait for a spell rotation. His heal is more powerful and far more aggressive. He has anywhere from 1 less dash than her to 2 more dashes than her. Why does no one seem to care or mention anything about him?
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